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On Christmas day 2011, 4.1 million IOS & Android devices were activated. On Christmas day 2012 17.4 million devices were activated. Where are you in the mobile space?

Imagine…A Mobile Website That Drives Business

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Mobile Websites  Are Affordable

A Mobile Website involves a very different mind set and design criteria.  Engaging consumer and business is still the ultimate goal.  The Smartphone revolution is an unprecedented opportunity for business to engage their customers at the right time and the right place, your place.

Pinch, Squeeze and Slide is BAD

While doing at least one of these programs is a great start, it is just a start.  Successful businesses will have a presence in at least 4 of the 5 categories and link them together.  Marketing Re-Imagined gives your business an affordable path to digital dominance.

Many businesses are under the misconception that because their current full size website is visible on a Smartphone, that they are good and need do nothing more.  While many full size websites are visible, the actual user experience may be unacceptable.  If a guest to your website has to pinch, squeeze and slide around on your website, it is almost guaranteed they will never get past the first page.  Leading them to explore elsewhere. The answer is deceptively simple, affordable and easy to implement.  Let Marketing Re Imagined build you a mobile website and join the revolution.

Full Size Websites

With the Smartphone dominance, do you still need a full size website?  Yes!  A full sized website is still your digital store front on the Internet.  Engage your customers at all levels.

Mobile Websites

Why is a mobile website crucial to your business?  Don’t let your competition beat you to the punch.  We have programs that fit every budget.

Mobile Marketing

Is mobile marketing affordable and effective?  For most businesses the answer is yes.  How people consume information is changing quickly and they expect a business to engage them on the mobile platform.

Mobile Websites
Whatever you can do, or dream that you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.
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