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Go to our Mobile and Smartphone marketing website where you can find in depth information and many resources about mobile marketing and other Digital Air services including a FREE Demo account.

Marketing Re Imagined: A Big Hammer for Small Business™

There is only one reason and one reason alone to spend money on marketing

Grow your business, bring in new customers and create loyalty.  Just when small business are getting comfortable with having a website, a presence on Facebook and Twitter and possibly email marketing, Everything Has Changed™, literally.  Your customers are moving to mobile phones and Smartphones at an unprecedented speed.  

Digital Air and Marketing Re-Imagined has responded with a complete, affordable answer for small businesses.  Products and Services to address the digital channel marketing for desktop and mobile/Smartphone.  Even though how you market your business may have changed, the desired end results are still the same. More customers, more often.  We created the F.A.R. Vision to articulate this:

The F.A.R. Vision is a an exciting new and original look at what has always been the the ultimate goal of marketing:

This is What We Do: Every Day, We Ask Ourselves, How Do We Get Customers to Walk Through Your Door

Everything Has Changed™ is Not Just Our Tag Line...It Is a Business Truth

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Marketing Re Imagined

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Taking on today's marketing channels are a challenge.  Most small business owners give all they have just to keep the their chosen profession operating smoothly.  This is where we come in.  We analyze your business needs and where you want to go, building a marketing solution, not just a website, mobile website or a mobile marketing program.  The best part is that all of our programs are feature a price point that is the best in the industry.  Get the right tool for the job, get “The Big Hammer for Small Business"™