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On March 30th of 2012, 50% of the U.S. Population Were Using Smartphones.  It is Projected to be 85% By the End of 2014.


Connecting with your customers in real time.

The Smartphone and mobile phones have become the standard for how your customers are expecting you to communicate to them.  Everything from Loyalty Programs to Contests, your Re Imagined Mobile Marketing program can connect you to customers in ways that are still being imagined.  Try it out for FREE with a demo account.  No commitment, no credit card.  You will be taken to our sister web site, Digital Air Media.

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How would you engage your customers with these features

Loyalty Program/Electronic Punch Card

Birthday Club

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Auto Responders

Social Media Auto Post

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Real Estate Program

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Find your mobile and Smartphone marketing mojo at Digital Air Media.  With Programs starting at $27/m.  The button below will open a new window to DigitalAirMedia.com