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Desktop vs. Mobile

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A mobile website is a crucial piece of digital property for today's smart business owners.  They get it.  While a full size (desktop) is still very neccessary, a well planned and layed out mobile website will actually generate income.  Don’t think that just because your desktop website is visible on a Smartphone or mobile device you are good.  Check out the photos to the right of some before and after shots of local and national brands.  A nicely designed mobile website is not just optimized but designed for the mobile user.

A Mobile Website is a Business Necessity

Engage your customers with a Custom Mobile Website

At Marketing Re Imagined we will listen to what you would like your mobile website to accomplish.  Then we will put our marketing abilities to work in order to create a site that meets that criteria.  Your mobile site can include social media connections, videos, maps, events, even special offers and a sign up page.  When you combine your mobile site with our Mobile and Smartphone marketing platform you will find that you have a truly powerful marketing and engagement tool for your business and customers.  The best part is how affordable our programs are.  We offer financing on all of our programs so that even a Raman Noodle budget startup can afford a professional mobile presence.


Examples of Desktop vs. Mobile Website

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